The Journey and The Destination

Ralph Waldo Emerson said "Life is a journey, not a destination." When it comes to traveling, the journey is the second priority behind the destination. Once you step of a plane into a different climate, or get out of a car after a 3 day transcontinental  road trip, one will become aware that they have achieved the goal of the journey, the destination. This kind of ideology was used when people would leave their homelands overseas to come to the united states to start their american dream. No one would care that they are in the bottom of a steam ship that reeks and has horrible food, but aboard that ship they would think about their first sight of the Statue of Liberty, and how they would start their new lives.

     In modern society, travel has become a status symbol, of where you travel to and how you get there. If you post a picture on snapchat of yourself in Aspen, staying in a 5 star resort, people will get the impression that you or your family is wealthy. If you post on snapchat that you are flying spirit airlines to greensboro for vacation, people will think that you are not as fortunate as others. This Article shows the destinations that the wealthy travel to which inspired others to travel there as well. I don't think that what people spend their money on is anyone else business, and that where they choose to travel does not tell me their social status. Regardless of money, there is beauty and fascination wherever you choose to travel too. It is up to you to make a nice trip out of it.

     Whenever people think of travel, they think of planes, cars, or trains. The fact is that people are so oblivious to the fact that they may have crossed the world. People will talk about how their flight sucked and the airline had horrible food and horrible service, but they did just travel to Paris and back! Airlines have created an atmosphere aboard their planes that has touch screen tv's, power outlets, lie flat beds, and 5 star food service. In this link you will see how well these airlines advertise their service. When people come home from their vacations, they will tell their friends what the flight had in store, but will not talk about how they had just backpacked Eastern Europe, because when people think of travel, they think of the journey.

     this summer, I have the rare opportunity to travel to Australia. I am traveling with my friend, and they keep talking about how the 15 hour flight from LAX in coach is going to be a living hell. I, for one, am looking forward to spending 3 weeks in the land down under, seeing indigenous animal species and experiencing a different culture. The fact that I have to spend 15 hours in a small coach seat is not even on my radar! So the next time your are about to embark on a journey, give the destination some thought. Even if the Journey sucks, the destination is the main point of judgement.