David Dao v. United Scandal

     Since 1931, United Airlines  has been providing customers with convenient service inside the United States and Internationally. However, since this airlines merged with the known Continental Airlines, their service and popularity has declined. Recently, United Airlines has had a major scandal involving customer service, and convenience.
     On 9 April 2017, David Dao, A doctor who was traveling on United flight 3411 from Chicago O'hare to Louisville, was violently dragged off the flight. Originally, He was asked to give up his seat because the airlines wanted to make room for staff traveling from Chicago to louisville. David refused to give up his seat, which invoked violence. security stormed the aircraft, and hit and knocked Dr. Dao unconscious while dragging him off the plane. He wound up with non fatal injuries. He had a broken nose, two missing front teeth, and a concussion. He filed a lawsuit, and made a public statement that he must undergo surgery for his teeth. Many people refused to fly united after this, and their stock crashed as a result of the incident. United Airline's reputation was in shambles after this incident.
     Now, for the passengers on this flight, this had to have been traumatic to watch this. I can't imagine how a major corporation was okay with this kind of procedure. It makes me so angry to see the lack of humanity these days especially with how the law is treating people who don't deserve punishment. What is ironic is that United Airlines Slogan is "Fly the Friendly Skies". After hearing about this news story it is for sure that it is not friendly in their skies! Take it from me. I once flew united from Palm Beach to Newark New Jersey. While in-flight, i had purchased a snack box, which was basically chips and hummus, for 8 dollars. when i asked the flight attendant for one, he seemed rather sullen and angry, as if I had inconvenienced him from his job, OH WELL! To top off this royal treatment, he threw the box at me from a few aisles away. It hit me in the arm. I wish it had injured me somehow, because maybe i could have filed a lawsuit against United!
     In my last blog post, I talked about how the Journey does not matter but the destination does. This just goes to prove my point. For Dr. Dao, the journey was definatly not pleasurable, but his destination was fame, publicity and lots and lots of money for compensation. I do not know if you would want to fly United after this, but always take the reviews and reputations into account before paying for a not-friendly experience like what they offer on United Flights.